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Room Parent Guide

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a room parent this year! One thing that makes Carrillo Elementary such a special place is the great working relationship that exists between the parent community and staff. Room parents make a positive difference in the academic and social lives of every child at our school. We are extremely grateful for your time and commitment to helping maintain our school’s excellence!

Whether you are a first time volunteer at our school or a seasoned pro, we hope you find this handbook useful for the upcoming school year. This guide should provide a clear outline of the various duties for Room Parents, as well as general guidelines for carrying out these duties. Please do not hesitate to contact

Room Parent Responsibilities

  • Discuss the teacher’s expectation for the year (every teacher is different!)

  • Collect an email list of all the parents and create a way to share information and pictures

  • Collect voluntary donations from parents for classroom gifts for the teacher   

    • Birthday, Winter Holiday, Teacher Appreciation Week, End of the Year Gift ○ Allocate a portion for Specials Teachers (Music, Library, PE, Drama, STEM)

  • Have a teacher fill out a “Getting to Know You” Sheet”

Children in Science Class
Present Surprise

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  • Plan & Purchase Gifts for the Teacher  (using class funds collected at the beginning of the year)

  • Organize Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2023)

    • Room parents help by bringing in a vase if the students are bringing flowers, coordinating what type of coffee and/or lunch the teacher would like, and creating a sign-up genius for parents to bring in these items each day. Each year is unique, but the goal is to make the teachers know our appreciation for all their hard work!

  • Assist With Planning Class Celebrations & Classroom Activities

    • Coordinate which celebrations the teacher likes in the classroom and on what dates ○ Inform parents of these dates 2-3 weeks ahead of time

    • Organize a sign-up genius for volunteers or supplies needed for event

    • Share pictures of event with parents who cannot attend 

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