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5th Grade

5th Grade is the final year of elementary school for our Carrillo kids.  We like to make it extra special in many ways.  First, leadership opportunities.  Second, celebration of this important year.  See below for ways to get involved and to donate to the class of 2023 5th graders.  

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You may have seen students wearing blue vests around campus and during drop-off.  This is our legendary "Blue Crew", an opportunity for 5th graders to take leardership roles on campus and show our younger students the values we hold as Carrillo Colts.  

Collecting Garbage in Park


At the end of the school year we do a lot to celebrate our 5th graders.  We have several parties and events that 5th graders fundraise for throughout the year.  In addition, the 5th graders will purchase a school gift to leave at the school to remember the class of 2023.  Past gifts have included;  re-fillable water station, friendship bench, digital marquee, Bolt the Colt costume, and several other things around the school.  To donate to our 5th grade fund, click or scan the Venmo code.   To volunteer on our 5th grade committee, click below.

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